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Haven’t posted here in a very long time - I’ve still go followers though! Nice!

Some news:

  • I’m headed to Ghana tomorrow. Monday the 25th! If there’s any followers kicking in Accra or Tema, come say hi! I believe I’m flying through Toronto and Amsterdam so the same applies to you guys!
  • I haven’t uploaded this blog in a very long time :( I don’t have my own camera at the moment, but I’m saving up for one. Any reccomendations? I’m thinking of snagging a T4i and throwing a MacBook Pro 13 inch with it as well for editing and stuff…thoughts?
  • I’m still alive guys. This blog’s still here. Have a great Spring Break!


Sorry I haven’t been posting/uploading anything in a while!  I had some camera troubles, but now I think that I’m back and ready to go again!  On Sunday, God willing I’m hitting up the skatepark, but tomorrow I might grab some photos of the football game at school!  


Later days!

For the new guys and gals!

Welcome <3

That’s all the posts for today!  I’m having some camera issues, so hopefully I get that fixed ASAP.  But if not, we might see some point and shoot shots for a while :/

Later days!

Sick transfer, bro.

“Facilis decensus averni. The descent into hell is easy.”

Scoping out his path.

Liam Purdon 2.0, ladies and gentlemen.

"You’re wack…" said one.

Quicksilver.  That’s what’s up.

Bros 2.0

You and your bros for the rest.   

Shot this one way too quickly :/

Strike a pose.